29 October 2014

eBook Review: To Catch A Star by Romy Sommer

"Teresa Adler is the ultimate Ice Princess, with a heart as frozen as the winter landscape of her beloved home, Westerwald. All her life, she’s belonged to the ‘inner circle’ of wealth, privilege and position.

Christian Taylor: Heartthrob. Movie Star. Bad boy. The mischievous actor sets temperatures soaring in the picturesque baroque principality – and with a wicked glint in his eye and a chip on his shoulder he sets his sights on the one thing he’s told he can’t have. Teresa.

While Tessa holds the ultimate clue to the secret of Christian’s parentage, it is the heat of his touch that will make this Ice Princess feel more alive than she ever has before…"

Rating: 4/5

You can buy To Catch A Star as an eBook now.

I have loved the first few books in Romy Sommer's eBook series with Harper Impulse, all set around the fictional country of Westerwald, and it's royal family. They really have been magical fairytales, with the girls getting the handsome prince they've always dreamed of, and so I was really excited to be sent a review copy of the last in the trilogy, To Catch A Star. The cover of this eBook is stunning - I'm so glad Harper Impulse have realised the importance of a gorgeous eBook cover for readers - they really can sell a book to you, especially when you only have that and a blurb to go on! This cover is so wintery and magical, it suits the book perfectly, and I loved the story, a lovely way to end this fantastic series that I will be sad to say goodbye to.

Teresa Adler is part of a well-to-do family in Westerwald, a family of position, trust and respect and she is keen to show that in her behaviour. When her father asks her to take a job as PA to a movie star who is shooting a movie in Westerwald, Teresa isn't exactly thrilled by the prospect. However, she knows what she has got to do, and is determined to make a good job of it. Christian Taylor, the movie star Teresa is working for, has a good work ethic but enjoys his time with the ladies too. He's a bit taken by Teresa and sets his sights on wooing her, although she's determined to ignore his every advance. Will Christian be able to melt the heart of Teresa and show her a thing or two about living?

This book was really enjoyable from the start. We are quickly introduced to Teresa, who isn't a member of the Westerwald royal family, but for a long time was in a relationship with Prince Federik, before it all fell apart. So Teresa is used to life in the limelight, and I liked how cool and calm she always was with the press and paparazzi around her, much to Christian's astonishment. Teresa, or Tessa as she is sometimes referred to, is quite a cold character, determined to keep up her steely facade to everyone around her, and not reveal her inner turmoil, particularly about her own engagement. You can see she is falling for Christian, and I wondered how this would be tackled in the book further on, if the pair would act on it.

Christian was an interesting character. Although I was quickly able to guess who he was, the book doesn't confirm it for a long while. although Teresa and her father have their suspicions due to him being seen with a precious Westerwald heirloom. I liked Christian - clearly he's got his own secrets about his past that he doesn't want to come out, and it does take a while in the book for him to reveal things about himself, his mother and what happened to him as a child. I liked Christian a lot, he's very open for an actor and didn't take himself too seriously, he was quite fun to read about as well, especially the scenes with his best friend Dom, they were funny at times! The interactions between Christian and Teresa weren't always easy to read, but you can sense the tension between the two, and I just hoped Christian would be able to melt Teresa's heart just a little bit so we could see the real her!

The setting of Westerwald for the book was great, I feel that over the series I have gotten to know the place and it's Royal Family quite well! It was nice to see the other characters from previous books crop up in this one and update us on how they are doing, I love when writers do that. As I said, I had guessed Christian's link in the whole thing quite early but it didn't matter to me, I enjoyed the story that it took in getting to that revelation, and Sommer's writing is wonderful to read. I love her writing, she really brings to life the characters and setting of the book, as well as the magic and romance of it all, they truly are fairytales for us grown-ups!

For me, this was a lovely ending to what has been a very enjoyable trilogy from Romy Sommer. I've loved getting to know the characters throughout each of these books, the people of Westerwald, and the wonderful fairytale romances that they have each been part of. I enjoyed the story of Christian and Teresa a lot, I know exactly how I wanted it to end, and at times it felt like that wasn't going to happen - I was bereft! I hope that this won't be the last we hear from Romy Sommer, because she's an author I have quickly learned to love, and look forward to her romantic tales from fictional kingdoms! This will leave you with a big smile on your face, a warm heart and wanting more! A fantastic read.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read 'To Catch a Star' and for the lovely review! I appreciate it very much.

    This isn't quite the end of Westerwald yet. Following the Bachelor Auction hosted on Harper Impulse's blog I'm now furiously working on Dom's story - so I am especially pleased that you liked him!