1 October 2014

eBook News: Escape for Christmas by Ruth Saberton

One of my favourite summer reads this year was Ruth Saberton's eBook Escape for the Summer. So imagine my delight when I saw on Amazon that there is a second book in Ruth's 'Escape' series called Escape for Christmas. I can't wait to catch up with Gemma and Cal, this is sure to be a brilliant read, especially as it's based around Christmas! It's due out on 30th October from Notting Hill Press.

You can pre-order Escape for Christmas as an eBook now.

"Gemma Pengelley is looking forward to a romantic Christmas with her boyfriend Cal, far away from the chaos caused by their well-meaning family and friends. After a whirlwind of a year some quality time in a picturesque Cornish cottage is exactly what they need. 

But when ghosts of partners past, a tangled web of secrets and the demands of a reality television show strike at the very heart of Gemma’s plans, her dreams of the perfect Christmas crumble. Will she still find her Christmas escape? Or is Gemma just running away? "

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