4 October 2014

eBook News: Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake by Sue Watson

I might have only just read Sue Watson' last book Love, Lies and Lemon Cake but already I am excited to read her brand new Christmas novel too! It's published on October 17th and is called Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake! I am in love with this cover, and the book sounds fab too - if it's half as good as the last one I read, we are in for a real treat! I can't wait!

You can pre-order Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake as an eBook now.

"For Tamsin Angel, Christmas is always the biggest and best… chic parties and a little showbiz sparkle are a must. This year though, things aren’t going quite as planned…

With bailiffs suddenly at the door and her husband nowhere to be found, it looks like Christmas just got downsized. Moving into her sister’s one-bedroom flat, she wonders whether things will ever be the same again.

After losing her husband on Christmas Eve, Sam Angel has rebuilt her life around her son Jacob and her new business – The White Angel Bakery. She’s also found herself a very handsome, loving boyfriend, but is struggling to let go of the past.

Thrown together with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, Sam and Tamsin might just learn a little more about each other – and themselves. But when disaster strikes at the bakery, will they be able to save the day in time for Christmas? "

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  1. Will this be available in book format? I keep seeing reviews for e books and less for books.