5 September 2014

Book Review: A Part of Me by Anouska Knight

"Amy and long-term partner James have finally been accepted into the adoption process. Then out of nowhere a dark secret changes everything. Will Amy follow her heart and let the thing she wants most in her life slip away from her, or follow that dream, but lie to her heart?"

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Rating: 5/5

I read Anouska Knight's debut novel Since You've Been Gone and really enjoyed it, it was nice to find a new voice in female fiction, and one that wrote the sort of stories that I loved to read. A Part of Me is Anouska's second novel, and one that ventures into the subject of infertility and adoption. If it was anything like her first read, I knew it was going to be a good one, so I eagerly got stuck in.

Although Amy's had a bit of a traumatic past, she is determined to make things right for her future with her long-term boyfriend James. The pair have finally got what they were waiting for - a yes from the adoption committee, giving them permission to finally adopt the child they have been longing for. But just as Amy things everything is sorted, James drops a bombshell that threatens to destroy the future they have planned together. Amy has to decide what it she wants, and whether it's worth putting aside her pain and suffering to get the family she's wanted forever.

This is a very emotional book from the beginning. Amy's been through a rough time in her past, leaving her unable to have children, and obviously she is really struggling with the idea that she can never have children. You can tell how important this adoption process is to Amy in particular, although you can tell James does want it too. The pair have made massive changes to their lives, and while I think it's wrong how vigorous the adoption process and how hard it can be for couple's to adopt a child, the book starts with Amy and James getting the yes they've always wanted. The emotional scenes were Amy realises she is being given the chance to be a mum are fantastic, so well written and you can't help but feel utter joy for the pair.

As the book goes on, the secret James is hiding is revealed, and although I had sort of seen it coming, I was still really looking forward to seeing how it would all unfold, and how it would affect the adoption process for Amy and James. I felt so sorry for Amy, you could feel her pain at all her plans falling apart in front of her eyes, and I hated James too. Amy obviously falls apart when things come out, and it's hard to read how much she is hurting, but watching her trying to keep herself going is admirable. I felt it was all very believable, like everything happened at a realistic pace, and I was absorbed by the book and finding out what was going to happen next.

The inclusion of Amy's job was a good part of the story, especially as Amy and James work together, and I loved the project that Amy starts to work on as she gets over what is happening. I loved the character Rohan Bywater that she meets, he sounds perfect in almost every way, and I loved how he cared for Amy and their relationship developed in the book. I looked forward to these parts of the book, and we got to see a bit of a happier Amy when she was around Rohan. The character of Amy's best friend was lovely as well, a properly supportive best friend. I found this book to very easy to read, and enjoyable right from the beginning. Yes, it isn't all happy and jolly, but it's a realistic portrayal of something a lot of people have to go through, and the consequences of certain actions as well. It was well written, and I loved the story, especially regarding Amy's work with Rohan. I'm looking forward to Anouska Knight's next!

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