11 September 2014

Book News: Coming Home for Christmas by Julia Williams

I have been really looking forward to Julia Williams' new festive release, as it's the third time we will be catching up with Cat Tinsall and co for a festive adventure! Coming Home for Christmas is out on 6th November (as a paperback), and I for one cannot WAIT to read it! I have to complement the cover design team as well, it's such a beautiful cover!

You can pre-order Coming Home for Christmas as a paperback or an eBook now!

"Warm, humorous and completely irresistible. The perfect gift for all those unsung heroes of Christmas – our multi-tasting mums.

Cat Tinsall is ably juggling her busy family life – a quintessential ‘sandwich generation’ woman, she’s responsible for the care of her kids, her mother-in-law, and her baby granddaughter. Her TV career as The Happy Homemaker is looking rocky – and she’ll do anything to resist the whispers that, as a woman over 40, she’s in danger of ‘fading to grey’. She’s got an awful lot on her plate …

Cat’s good friend Pippa Holliday is finding life as a single mum a challenge, especially now the farm her family have called home for generations is in dire financial straits.

And schoolteacher Marianne North, with her young twins and teenage stepson, is dismayed to find her increasingly absent husband calling on her to take his damaged and delicate ex-wife into their home – with no moving out date in sight.

As the close-knit village community of Hope Christmas pulls together to battle ruthless plans from local developers, it looks like each of these three women needs a miracle.

As Christmas approaches, bringing with it more than one surprising turn of events, it appears they might just find one …"

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