19 September 2014

Blog Tour: Extract from 'Love Me or Leave Me' by Claudia Carroll

Today I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for author Claudia Carroll's brand new book Love Me or Leave Me. I have the book sitting on my shelf eagerly waiting to be read, and it sounds like it's a great read! I'm lucky enough to be hosting an extract from Chapter 1 of the book today, so take a read, and then get buying the full version of the book to find out what happens next!




Last night, the old nightmare came back to haunt me.

I don’t actually know if it’s day or night. All I know is that it’s still my wedding day – or rather the day I was supposed to get married on – and I somehow allowed myself to be led out of the bathroom where I’d locked myself, and laid down on top of the fluffy hotel bed. Still in my confection of a wedding dress, crumpled to bits now, like some kind of a latter day Miss Havisham. And they must have given me a sedative the equivalent of a horse tranquillizer, because instead of the heartache that’s to come, all I feel is groggy and sluggish, like I’ve been out cold for hours.

The curtains are drawn and it’s semi-darkness in here, but suddenly I’m aware of someone breathing and a big blurry silhouette perched on the bed beside me. Frank? Could that by some miracle actually be him? For one wonderful, fleeting moment, hope overrides everything my sane mind is trying to tell me. By some miracle, was today just some kind of hallucination and is this actually my wedding night? I poke round at the slumbering figure a bit but realize that it’s not Frank at all; it’s my best friend Gemma, now out of the gakky bridesmaid’s dress, the one that that I practically bullied her into wearing and back into her normal, standard issue jeans with a swingy, summery top.

Still here. Still watching over me bless her, like the genuine pal that she really is.

‘Did I dream it all?’ I croak over to her.

She shakes her head.

‘’Fraid not, love.’

‘So where is everyone?’

‘Well, a lot of his side just buggered off when…well, when they realized that there wasn’t going to be any…emm, you know."

You can buy Love Me or Leave Me as a paperback now!

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