23 September 2013

Book Review: Wait For You by J Lynn

"Some things are worth waiting for…

Away from home for the first time and finally free from her past, nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten wants to keep her first year of college low key. Get good grades, avoid the parties and maybe – please God – make a few friends. The one thing she didn’t plan on was capturing the attention of the hottest guy on campus…

Some things are worth experiencing…

Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of hotness. Avery knows she should stay away from him, but Cam is everywhere, with his charm, his kindness, his sexy dimple…Getting involved with him is dangerous, but ignoring their scorching tension is impossible.

And some things are worth fighting for…

When Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls, she realises that someone from her past is refusing to let her go. When the devastating truth comes out, will Cam be there to help her or will she have to face it alone?"

Rating: 4/5

You can buy Wait For You as a paperback or an eBook now.

I've been quite pleased with the few New Adult books I have read this year, a brand new genre that has come about and seems to be rising in popularity quite quickly. I've enjoyed books by authors such as Cora Carmack and Jessica Sorensen, so when a copy of J Lynn's (aka Jennifer Armentrout) book came through my doorstep, I'll confess the first thing I did was pop over to Amazon and see what sort of response it had had. Well. It was rather popular. Hundreds of five star reviews, and I also found out that this book was a #1 New York Times Bestseller as well. I decided I just had to give it a go and find out what all the fuss was about, even if I have to confess I was a bit confused by the cover at first (it soon makes sense once you start reading though!).

Avery Morgansten has finally managed to get out of her home, away from her parents and to a new life in college. She's determined to forget the things in her past that she has left there, and wants to invent a new Avery. When she meets fellow student Cameron, she's surprised at her feelings for him. She tries to stay away, but finds herself being drawn to him however hard she tries to not have any feelings for him. As the pair becomes closer, Avery wonders whether she can trust him and if she can reveal her past secrets to him. When she starts getting nasty emails and texts, Avery decides to ignore them but knows that her past is starting to catch up with her, even though she's hundreds of miles away. Will Avery be able to let Cameron in to help her, or will her past end up pushing away her future too?

If I'm honest, I have to say that there are a lot of similarities between this book and Jessica Sorensen's book 'The Coincidence of Callie and Cayden' which was also released this year. Much of the story was very, very alike, from things happening with the main female character, the romance between the shy female and the handsome main male, and the setting too. However, I didn't mind this and although I found myself drawing comparisons, the writing styles were different and they were both very enjoyable books.As I mentioned before, the cover seemed a bit strange to me at first, many of these New Adult books feature rather attractive men and women, so this one does break the mould but I like how it references the book.

I found the characters in the book to be really likeable. Avery, our main character, is a damaged young woman, haunted by something that has happened to her in her past. I guessed quite early on what it was, but I liked how Lynn tackled this in the story, and how it affected Avery. It was realistic to read about, and made Avery a sympathetic character. Cameron was the typical handsome college jock, very popular, clever and all the girls like him, so of course he has to go for the shy girl who lives near him, making everyone else jealous! Lynn writes him to be really likeable though, so I didn't mind that it was a tad predictable with that story, and I just wanted the two of them to get it together if I'm honest! I did get annoyed with Avery constantly turning down Cam, especially when she couldn't seem to justify why she was, but it did help build the pair's relationship a bit more.

I have to give a mention to a few of the supporting characters too, in particular Avery's friends Jacob and Brit. They were hilarious, and provided a lot of the comedy moments in the book, and pushed for the relationship between Avery and Cam too, which is pretty much what the readers of this book are doing too! I enjoyed the setting of a college, it worked well for the book and I learnt a thing or two as I was reading too, so even better. One thing I want to mention about this book was the realism in Lynn's writing. Some of the scenes were very vivid, they come alive in your mind and they were fun to read... even the love scenes in the book were very well handled and written, very sensual and tasteful I have to say which was nice to read.

I'm sure people will slate this book because yes, it's a bit predictable, and yes, it is a lot like many of the New Adult books out there, but for me, this was easy reading, a sweet love story and I enjoyed reading it. I loved the characters, J Lynn's writing style totally suited me and Avery and Cam were a lovely couple. As I mentioned, I did find myself getting frustrated with Avery in parts, but it's part of her character to be how she is and you just have to persist with her. If you've enjoyed other New Adults titles, then I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of Wait For You. It felt very real as I was reading, like it could really be ahappening and wasn't too contrived, and was full of emotion. I really enjoyed Wait For You and am looking forward to the next book in the series, Be With You which is due in 2014. A great read.

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