18 September 2013

Book News: Coming Home for Christmas by Jenny Hale

Ooh yes, it's another Christmas book! I'm going mad this week with a lot of Christmas release posts, but the festive stuff in the shops has got me all excited. Jenny Hale, a new debut author, has a festive read out this year, on 4th October, and it's called Coming Home for Christmas. I really love the cover, it's so pretty and I already have a copy sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!

You can pre-order Coming Home for Christmas as a paperback now.

"What does Allie Richfield do when faced with the decision to move back home with her mother or live and work in a multimillion dollar mansion? She flips a coin.

Unsuccessful both professionally and personally, Allie is hurled back into the real world with an aging degree and little work experience in her field. With the flip of a coin, she takes a job as house manager for the Ashford estate, an early twentieth century Virginian manor.

Robert Marley, Allie’s new boss, is short tempered and brash. Robert’s younger brother, Kip, relentlessly flirts with her. His sister, Sloane, returns with two kinds of baggage: the Luis Vuitton kind and the divorcĂ©e-with-two-small-children kind. Pippa, the ninety-two year old Marley matriarch, decides to befriend Allie—and Pippa doesn’t befriend anybody. They’re all coming home for Christmas—that is, except Robert who refuses to take part in the family tradition.

As the family converges for one final holiday before the house sells in January, Allie’s life as she knows it will be changed forever. And Robert Marley might just have something to do with it."

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