22 August 2013

eBook News: Secrets and Rain by Cally Taylor

We haven't had a new book from Cally Taylor in quite a while now, but you'll be pleased to hear she has released a brand new short story collection! It's called Secrets and Rain and it's stuffed full with 12 great short stories to enjoy. I do enjoy the occasional short story, they're easy to get into, and sometimes it's nice to read something which doesn't take days to finish!

You can buy Secrets and Rain as an eBook now.

"Twelve magical stories from the award-winning author of HEAVEN CAN WAIT and HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Grab a drink, put up your feet and lose yourself in these heart-warming tales of love, loss and hope. Peep inside the ‘Little Box of Wishes’, discover how ‘Two Red Balloons’ heal a rift between a mother and daughter and fall in love with Alfred, the ‘Rent-a-Cat’. 

If you’re a fan of bestselling magazines Take a Break Fiction Feast, Women’s Own and My Weekly you’ll love this collection of Cally's previously published stories. Also included – and available online for the first time - three prizewinning stories: ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘My Daughter the Deep Sea Diver’ and ‘Under the Waves’."


  1. Do you know if this e-book Is available on kobo or going to be?

  2. Hi anonymous! The book is KDP select for 3 months so only available on Amazon for 3 months but I'll put it everywhere else as soon as I can. Thanks for the interest, Cally x

  3. I really appreciate that as I would love to purchase the book but have a kobo, so am at a bit of a disadvantage :-( I hope to be able to purchEe it in December