30 August 2013

Book Review: Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance

"Every little girl grows up dreaming of marrying a prince - but what if the fairy tale turns into a right royal nightmare? Scheming kings, killer queens, evil princes, far-from innocent princesses, secret weddings, runaway brides, illicit affairs, death plots and lashings of steamy sex - it's just another day in the lives of the world's most powerful families. Find out what REALLY goes on behind closed palace doors…"

Rating: 5/5

You can buy Killer Queens as a paperback or an eBook now.

I am a huge Rebecca Chance fan - no one writes a sexy bonkbuster like she does, and I get really excited when she has a new book out! I've read each one of Rebecca's books she has released so far and they've all been brilliant books with fantastic characters, shocking storylines and some more than steamy scenes in there as well! Her latest book Killer Queens seems to tie in quite nicely with the flurry of interest in the Royal family, in particular Kate and William, and it's interesting to try and work out who the characters in the book are based on (I certainly had my own ideas about them!). For me, this book was one of my reads of the summer, and here's why you should read it!

Chloe is engaged to Prince Hugo, and is a bit daunted by the massive life change that she knows is ahead of her. The press are already following her, and watching closely everything from her fashion to her shopping habits, and while Hugo dose his best to reassure her, Chloe is still feeling a bit unsure about the whole scenario. American Olympic athlete Lori is engaged to be married to the King of Herzoslovakia, Joachim. Lori has been swept away by the lavish attention King Joaquim and his mother have laid upon her, but what are their intentions once Lori becomes Queen? Finally, Princess Belinda faked her own death years ago to escape her loveless marriage to Prince Oliver. However, now her son Hugo is about to be married, Belinda is determined to be there, although she knows her son thinks she is dead, and it'll have to be quite incognito. Will Belinda make it to the wedding, and will the Queens be able to live their fairytale happy-ever-after?

As I mentioned before, you can't help but base these characters on the real members of the Royal family. You can't really help but liken Chloe to being Kate Middleton, with Prince Hugo being like a Prince William too. For me, those were the stand outs and I really enjoyed their story most out of all of those in the book. Chloe was so likeable (not to mention having an awesome name!!), a normal girl swept into a brand new world just because she fell in love. Her relationship with Prince Hugo was really touching, and I enjoyed reading about the pair. They get up to a fair few things in the book, also involved with Hugo's sister Princess Sophie and their cousin Toby (who for me was totally a Prince Harry!), some rather shocking scenes come to light here, I was flabbergasted lol! The highlight of their story was the hilarious Lauren, Chloe's best friend turned PA to the soon-to-be Princess, and her normal attitude to everything despite the airs and graces of everyone around her was so refreshing!

The other two storylines were good, and I really liked reading about poor old Lori. She's in love with King Joaquim but you can't help but think there is more to this Royal marriage than meets the eye. I didn't like Joaquim from the beginning, he seemed a bit of a sleazeball to  me and I couldn't help but wish Lori wouldn't walk down the aisle with him! I loved reading about the fictional Herzoslovakia, the gorgeous jewels that Lori wears and is gifted, and the other goings on that happen around that story. Then there was the story with the mysterious Princess Belinda. We aren't told for a while why she faked her own death to escape her marriage, leaving her two young children behind, but we see a lot of her idyllic but lonely life living with her new man on a secluded island. I liked her, but hers was the story I liked the least, although you have to wonder in this day and age if someone so high profile can ever truly disappear. You can understand as a mum though why she'd want to be at Hugo's wedding and I did want it all to work out for her.

I really enjoyed that there were three separate storylines going on in the book, and I wondered if at any point they would all be drawn together somehow. I loved that although it was completely shocking and seemingly perhaps a tad unrealistic, you couldn't help but wonder if such things ever do go on behind closed doors in the Royal family, and how much is actually hidden from us general public folk! While the book does touch on life in the Royal family, and how it affects those outside of it, especially Chloe and Lori, this wasn't the be all and end all of the book, there was a bit of everything thrown in there to keep you hooked! The sex scenes were actually quite shocking to me, perhaps the naughtiest Chance has gotten so far but they seem to work for the book! Be prepared for a few blushes when you're reading! For me, this was a superb novels, and probably my favourite of Chance's novels to date (very, very close to Bad Angels!), such a perfect bonkbuster read. If you haven't discovered Rebecca Chance yet, well, where have you been? Start with this one, you won't go wrong! I LOVED it!

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