28 August 2013

Book News: The Proposal by Tasmina Perry

Despite only having released a new book this summer, called Deep Blue Sea, Tasmina Perry is back again this winter with a brand new novel! The Proposal has a stunning cover (click it to see a bigger version), I cannot wait to see what it looks like as a "real" book because it just looks so beautiful! It's due out on 7th November and I'm so excited to read this one.

You can pre-order The Proposal as an eBook and as a hardcover now.

"Just say yes to this unforgettable read and take a spellbinding, romantic journey from the dazzling days of the debutantes in 1950s London to glamorous modern Manhattan.

When Amy Carrell's wealthy boyfriend ends their relationship just before Christmas, she's left to nurse her broken heart alone. With nothing to lose, she replies to an advertisement requesting a companion for a mysterious 'Manhattan adventure'. 

Whisked off to New York with eccentric British aristocrat Georgia Hamilton, Amy experiences a glamorous side of the city that she's never seen before. Along the way, Georgia initiates her protegee in the arts of old-school elegance. 

But as Georgia shares her life lessons, Amy discovers a painful secret in her mentor's past. A secret that shattered her future. A story of love and betrayal that only Amy has the power to put right."

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