3 April 2013

Book Review: A Cottage by the Sea by Carole Matthews

"Grace has been best friends with Ella and Flick forever. The late-night chats, shared heartaches and good times have created a bond that has stood the test of time.

When Ella invites them to stay for a week in her cottage in South Wales, Grace jumps at the chance to see her old friends. She also hopes that the change of scenery will help her reconnect with her distant husband.

Then Flick arrives; loveable, bubbly, incorrigible Flick, accompanied by the handsome and charming Noah.

This is going to be one week which will change all their lives forever...

Join Grace, Ella and Flick for a week of love, laughter, tears and friendship in A Cottage by the Sea."

Rating: 4/5

You can buy A Cottage by the Sea as a paperback or an eBook now.

I was pleased to be sent a review copy of Carole Matthews' brand new book A Cottage By the Sea a few months as I really liked the idea of this book. It sounded like it was just about friendship, nothing else, and it was going to be enjoyable, as all of Carole's books are. I loved the cover when I first saw it too, such a beautiful image and it certainly makes the book look like one you want to sit and devour, especially in this horribly cold weather, and it looks bright and sunny on the cover of this one!

The book is about a woman called Grace, and the friendship she has with her two friends whilst they are all on holiday together, staying in Ella's family cottage in South Wales called Cwtch Cottage. Grace's marriage is in trouble, and she is sure this holiday is either going to make or break the bond between her and husband Harry. Trouble is, she's not sure her husband can live without Twitter or the internet for a week while they are there. Then there's her other friend Flick. The three have been best friends since they were young, but Flick has always been the flighty one of the group, and Grace isn't sure how to talk to her high-flying friend anymore, especially when she turns up with yet another man, Noah, in tow. Their week in the cottage by the sea will certainly stretch their friendships more than they dreamed possible, but will it be a happy ending for all of the friends?

I really enjoyed this book for so many reasons. I liked that there wasn't a gimmick with it, it's just a good old-fashioned story about female friendships and the ups and downs that they go through. All three of the women are very different, but that is what makes it fun to read, because you just know things aren't going to go smoothly for them all on holiday. The main character of the book is Grace, and I warmed to her from the start. She's just keen to have a good time in the cottage, and I could certainly understand her frustration at her husband, paying more attention to his phone than to her, and I expect in this technological day and age, this is something that is becoming more and more common! You do feel sorry for her, and as the book went on, I certainly had my own hopes for her happy ending.

The stories involving the other women were good to read as well, and Matthews cleverly weaves them all together so effortlessly. I really liked Ella's story - I could see where it was going, but still you can't help but hope for a change of heart, and I enjoyed reading it as it went along. Noah is the mysterious male of the piece, and he was written perfectly. He seems the perfect man in all ways, polite, a good cook, fun to be around and helpful in difficult situations, and although things with him were a bit predictable, I didn't mind because it was such an enjoyable read. Another thing I loved about this book was Matthews' descriptions of the cottage and the Welsh countryside - it sounded absolutely idyllic and like the perfect holiday, in the middle of nowhere in the peace and quiet, and I really enjoyed reading the descriptions and being taken away mentally on Grace's holiday.

A Cottage by the Sea is a delightful and charming read that I enjoyed from start to finish. I loved how I was swept away into the Welsh countryside with this group of friends, and experienced their highs and lows along with them. I was particularly drawn into Ella's story, which I felt was really well written, and Grace was a great main character who you were really hoping for a happy ending for. Yes, it was a tad predictable in that I knew what would happen by the end, but it really didn't matter because I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns it took to get there. As usual, Matthews has written the perfect book to sit down and devour, it's a great holiday read, and I bet you'll enjoy it just as much as I have. A fantastic book that makes me eager to read yet more from Carole Matthews!

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  1. Like your review and I just love Carole Matthews books.I hope this one is going to be translated into Norwegian as well, if not I have to read it in english. Have a nice day