24 April 2013

Book News: The Bow Wow Club by Nicola May

One of the most successful self-published authors I know is Nicola May, and she is back this month with a brand new book! The Bow Wow Club is out on the 14th May as a paperback, and is a sequel to Nicola's other book Working It Out which I really enjoyed. If you liked that one, you'll love this - although it isn't about dogs as I had first suspected lol!

You can pre-order The Bow Wow Club as a paperback now.

"Ruby is back and never expected to be starting over…

…but after a shocking bereavement, she begins to question whether or not she will ever be happy again. 

A chance encounter with handsome author Michael Bell throws her fragile heart into turmoil. Plus, a dark family secret and completely unexpected love interest add to her confusion.

Encouraged to face her demons, she volunteers at the Bow Wow Club –
(Boyfriends of Widows, Wives of Widowers).

You will laugh and cry along with a myriad of eccentric characters as Ruby searches for her inner peace. But will she let love win? Or allow her past to continue to haunt her?"

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  1. I've just got a copy of this and really looking forward to it.