18 April 2013

Book News: Midsummer Magic by Julia Williams

Julia Williams is back this summer with a new book, and I'm already in love with the cover! Midsummer Magic is due out on 4th July, and it has such a magical look to the cover which ties in the idea of the novel so well, it sounds like it's going to be a great read, I can't wait.

You can pre-order Midsummer Magic as a paperback or an eBook now.

"Recently engaged Josie is visiting her parents in Cornwall with best friend Diane, fiancée Harry and his pal Ant. Josie can’t wait to start wedding planning, if only Harry was more interested, and Diane and Ant weren’t at war with each other.

As the four make amends over a drink in the local pub, they meet Freddie Puck, a well known TV hypnotist and find themselves agreeing to a dare – to stay out all night on the hills by the standing stones.

Local mythology says a young married couple will find true happiness if they can last a whole night there on Midsummer’s Eve. But as night time falls, not everyone seems to have remembered the boundaries of love…"

1 comment:

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