11 September 2012

eBook News: One Perfect Christmas by Paige Toon

Exciting news for fans of Paige Toon! Her sequel to her fabulous 2012 book One Perfect Summer is coming much sooner than anticipated! One Perfect Christmas is coming this November, and is going to be an eBook exclusive, and it'll also feature some 'sneak peek' chapters from Paige's 2013 book. I can't wait for this and to catch up with these characters again!

"Simon & Schuster UK are thrilled to announce an exclusive  eBook publication of  ONE PERFECT CHRISTMAS from  Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon. The short story,  which reprises characters from Toon’s bestseller  ONE  PERFECT SUMMER, came about as a direct result of reader demand.

Maxine Hitchcock, Fiction Editorial Director says: Paige has  been inundated with requests from fans wanting to know  what happened next to Alice and  Joe and so, despite  being partway through her next novel and up against a  deadline, she wrote it for them. Paige has always enjoyed  a very special relationship with her fans and this illustrates  just how much she listens to and respects them. She has been one of our  digital stars from the very start of the  eBook revolution and we are thrilled to see her sales grow  rapidly in both digital and print formats in a hugely competitive area of the market."

Taken from Simon and Schuster.


  1. I was excited til I saw it was a short story. I hate short stories!

  2. I hate ebook exclusives!!

  3. This book started off very promising, I enjoyed the idea and the content, but then it finished, almost as if it was half way through the story. I would have prefered to hear much more. I hope we hear more about Joe and Alice soon.