25 September 2012

Book News: Would I Lie To You? by Clare Dowling

I am really looking forward to the release of Clare Dowling's latest book Would I Lie to You? which is due for release on November 8th of this year. I really like the new cover look the publishers have given the book, it looks fresh and colourful. I'll certainly be looking to read this one.

"Why tell the truth...if you know it's going to hurt?

Hannah has known Ellen and Barbara since they shared student digs. So when Ollie, the father of her daughter Cleo, unexpectedly walks out, who better to turn to than her best friends? The reunion takes place in Ellen and husband Mark's converted farmhouse in France, where Hannah slowly becomes reacquainted with nature - the white-back pigs, the rooster with the mental health issues - and, more importantly, what she really wants out of her life. Then something shocking happens, which threatens not only her recovery, but the very bonds of her friendship with Ellen and Barbara. Her loyalty is put to the test - if she does the right thing, will it blow Ellen's marriage out of the water? And why does she find herself turning to Ollie, of all people, for advice...?"

You can pre-order Would I Lie To You? as a paperback or buy as an eBook now.

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