5 September 2012

Book News: Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson

Another book I am looking forward to later this year is the latest book from Rachel Gibson. Rescue Me has been pushed back from a July release date to the 6th of December, but maybe it'll make a nice change from all the Christmas and winter themed books I'll no doubt be reading at that time!

"Get ready to play some Texas Hold 'em.

Things are getting tricky for sexy Sadie Hollowell, about to be forced into a bubblegum-pink bridesmaid dress for her little cousin Tally Lynn's wedding. And if that ain't problem enough, the second she drives back into town, the entire population of Lovett, Texas will be fixing her up with the nearest available man - any man. She needs a rescue plan now. And good-looking stranger Vince Haven might just be the perfect 'date' she needs to get her family off her back.

But moody ex-Navy SEAL Vince Haven is only stopping by Lovett to visit his crazy Aunt Luraleen. 'No strings attached'is his motto, and he'll be damned if he acts as any woman's fake date! Sadie's out of luck again - but when Vince's aunt makes him an offer he can't refuse, he could be hanging around town for a while. And if Sadie gets that date after all, she might just get more than she bargained for!"

You can pre-order Rescue Me as a paperback or an eBook now!

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