9 February 2012

Book News: Stranded by Emily Barr

I've read a couple of Emily Barr's novels and really enjoyed them, they're great thriller-style books that really have you hooked in. I found the gorgeous cover for Emily's 2012 release Stranded on Amazon, and I think it's fantastic, it looks like a perfect beach read! It's out in hardback on 24th May 2012, and I'll definitely be reading it!

"A British woman, Esther, travels alone to a paradise beach resort in Malaysia to get away from a relationship break-up. When she and a group of fellow tourists, each with their own secrets, find themselves stranded on a remote island during a boat trip, sinister things start to happen. Esther soon realises someone doesn't want her to return from her travels - but who?"

You can pre-order Stranded in hardback now.

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