14 February 2012

Book News: Putting Alice Back Together by Carol Marinelli

Carol Marinelli has apparently written many books for Mills & Boon but this seems to be her first foray into more "serious" women's fiction, for want of a better word. Putting Alice Back Together is due out on 2nd March 2012 through Mira books, and sounds like an intriguing read. I especially like the recommendation that "if you like Jane Fallon, you'll love this"... as a Jane Fallon fan, I've now got high hopes for this one!

"There s only so much sex, valium and red wine you can take to paper over the cracks... Alice Lydia Jameson is the friend you wish you had. The girl who makes a party more fun, pulls a funny face to make you feel better, drinks wine out of a mug and makes you laugh while you re crying over an ex. Alice is totally happy, everything is amazing and there is nothing at all to worry about... except, well: Her job was really great 10 years ago; The sexiest guy alive doesn t want her...because he's gay; Her credit card bills are mounting up... But maybe the biggest problem for Alice is that she has a secret. A secret so big she can t tell anyone...but how do you keep a secret like that when everything is starting to fall apart? And once it s out there, how do you ever begin to put yourself back together again?"

You can pre-order Putting Alice Back Together in both paperback and as an eBook now.


  1. Just pre ordered this as I forgot about it. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Sounds interesting.

    I've just started reading my first Jane Fallon book today.