24 February 2012

Book News: Hidden Treasures by Fern Britton

Fern Britton's second novel Hidden Treasures is due out at the end of March, and sounds like it's going to be a good read. I have to confess I wasn't madly keen on Fern's debut novel New Beginnings, finding it a bit too safe for my liking, but I hope her second novel is going to be a bit more gritty! It's out on March 26th.

"Helen Merrifield has said goodbye to her philandering husband and her swish West London house, to live in an idyllic country cottage in the heart of a postcard-perfect village in Cornwall.

Putting the past behind her, Helen throws herself into country life and soon makes a new set of eccentric friends. To her surprise, Helen finds herself the love-interest of two very different men: the kind, gentle, desperate-for-love-and-sex Simon, and the darkly enigmatic local historian Piran.

Whilst Helen is getting to grips with her new life, her oldest and dearest friend, Penny, a hot-shot TV Producer, has decided that the village is the perfect setting for her new TV series. When the cast and crew descend, two worlds collide, and Helen is thrown headlong into 5am wake-up calls and temperamental celebrities.

In the midst of all this, Helen stumbles across a forgotten old tin chest full of Edwardian treasures. Who do they belong to? Will the unpleasant historian Piran help her to find out or will Simon have the key?

As Helen finds herself the focus of Simon and Piran’s attentions, it looks like her ex-husband is planning to put in an unscheduled appearance. Will Helen embrace the future, or is it too difficult to let go of the past?"

You can  pre-order Hidden Treasures in hardback and as an eBook now!


  1. seems a good book to read ; in to be read list ;)

  2. This is so great - a site all about books of the sort I like to read. Just happened on it when I was checking my niece’s blog. She is another Chloe. I am from New Zealand and blog on books amongst other things. You might be interested in this post about Jilly Cooper http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/jilly-cooper-novelist.html. Will enjoy following your blog.