9 November 2015

Blog Tour: How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

Today I am super thrilled to be part of Rosie Blake's blog tour for her brand new festive book How To Stuff Up Christmas. I have this gorgeous book sat on my shelf, and I can't wait to read it, it sounds brilliant! Rosie was kind enough to write this article showcasing her Top 5 writing tips for any of you budding authors out there, so please enjoy, and make sure you grab a copy of How To Stuff Up Christmas!

Available to buy now.

Rosie Blake's Top 5 Writing Tips

I am a complete sucker for writing tips. I am fascinated to hear how other writers tackle the process, love inspirational nuggets and new techniques to try out. Here are some of my favourites I used when writing HOW TO STUFF UP CHRISTMAS.

1) CHARACTER - it is all about character. Think of your favourite reads and you'll be thinking of a favourite character. Jack Reacher, Richard Campbell-Black, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones - they made their books magical (OK in Harry's case really, really, actually magical). Start with a character. What is their story? What do they want? Go from there...

2) WRITE QUICKLY - don't agonise over the first draft. I do word races. Hour long stints preferably against other writers but, if all else fails, against the clock. Choose a time slot and stick to it. Don't allow yourself to re-read or worry it is rubbish. You can fix it later. Then after the hour is up it is very important you celebrate, reward yourself e.g. With cake.

3) MAKE FRIENDS - other writers are so lovely it is ridiculous. Chat to them. Recommend books. Gossip about Downton Abbey (e.g. "hi other writer, how properly gross was that burst ulcer scene?) Join Twitter or a Facebook group for writers and enjoy being part of one fantastic, inspiring community.

4) MINOR CHARACTERS - make these guys count. Jonny Geller tweeted something that really stuck with me. He said think of your minor characters as being the stars of a book of their own. They have just chosen to appear in your book. They have their own story, their own life, their own problems etc. This really helped me remember to make them as believable and as layered as my main characters.

5) CELEBRATE - finished a first draft? That is AWESOME. Make sure you celebrate. Entered a short story competition and been placed? FABULOUS. Celebrate. An agent wants to read the full manuscript? Of course they do! Celebrate! Enjoy the process of writing, celebrate the successes and remember you are living your dream.

Now go get 'em!

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