6 November 2015

Blog Tour: A Girl's Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk

Today, I am thrilled to be hosting Lindsey Kelk for the blog tour for her brand new book A Girl's Best Friend! The book is out now, and is the latest installment in Tess' adventures! I can't wait to read it, it sounds brilliant!

Lindsey was kind enough to write me a piece on 'The Things Only A Best Friend Can Say' - how many of them do you agree with?! Thanks so much to Lindsey for the piece, and to her publishers for asking me to be part of the blog tour.

You can buy A Girl's Best Friend now!

Things Only a Best Friend Can Say

It is the privilege and curse of being a best friend that sometimes, certain things have to be said. On the upside, you get to tell your friend when they’re being completely insane. On the downside, you have to tell your friend when they’re being completely insane. In A Girl’s Best Friend, Tess and Amy enjoy a painfully honest friendship, which sounds great on paper but remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some of the other things you’re responsible for…

1. Yes, you do look fat in that.
Sometimes it needs to be said. Also, if she’s asking you whether or not she does (or he does, I guess?) then she probably already knows. Be kind but be honest. No one wants to look shitty in the Instagrams.

2. I think it’s a bad idea.
No one wants to hear this but every so often, everyone needs to. Whether it’s drunk dialing the ex, tweeting something snide about that knobber in accounting or quitting their job to retrain as a doggy optometrist, once in a while the voice of reason needs to step in and you my friend, are that voice. Whether you like it or not.

3. Maybe you’ve had enough.
I meeeeean, if they have, they definitely don’t want to know that they have but they’ll thank you for this in the morning. Or possibly the day after. Sidenote, you’re also on hair holding duty but it’s ok because you know they’ll return the favour sooner or later.

4. Actually, I think you’re being out of order.
This is a tough one. Your bestie is angry about something but as piggy in the middle, you can see both sides of the story and in spite of your undying allegiance to your BFF, you know for an refutable fact that they’re in the wrong on this one. So you can either keep quiet and let them carry on with their unrighteous anger or you can gently point out that they might not have all the info and save them from making a decision they might regret. This will not be easy and you’re unlikely to be popular for a while but you know what, you’re doing it for their own good. You’re basically Batman. Go you.

5. He’s just not that into you.
Bleurgh. We’ve all been here. Maybe he hasn’t called because he lost your number! And if he really likes you, it won’t matter who texts first, right? And who cares about the rules these days anyway. The best thing to do in this situation is get her a drink, point her in the direction of some other fine looking specimens and remind her how much better she is than that douche canoe in the first place. Maybe you don’t come straight out and say it but maybe you let her know how much better she can do because if he wanted to call, he’d call. And he hasn’t. Because he’s an asshat. New balls, please.


  1. I agree with all of these! My bestie has said ALL of these to me.. I love Lindsey Kelk and am so excited for the new book! :) x

  2. "I think it's a bad idea." Hah! Love it..