12 August 2015

Christmas in August: Book News: How to Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

Welcome back to Christmas in August!

Another festive treat this year is the new novel from Rosie Blake called How to Stuff Up Christmas. What a bloomin' beautiful cover that is - makes me want to go and start baking gingerbread houses and festive figures! The book sounds brilliant, and I am really excited for this one. It's out on 5th November!

Available to pre-order now.

"When Eve's boyfriend cheats on her - just before Christmas - she decides the only thing for it is to escape. Eve seeks solace on the Isle of Wight where she is given the chance to mend her broken heart through the restorative power of cooking. However it turns out Eve is a walking kitchen disaster zone.

But an unexpected encounter under the mistletoe offers Eve the chance to remedy her lack of cooking skills, and move on from her no-good boyfriend. Will Eve have a Christmas to remember after all...?"

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