25 August 2015

Blog Tour: The Waiting Game by Jessica Thompson

Today I am thrilled to be on the blog tour for Jessica Thompson's amazing new book The Waiting Game. I read this book last week when on holiday, and what a stunning read it was. It hooked me in from the start, and I just couldn't put it down - I was obsessed with the story of Jake and Nessa.

I am delighted to be hosting an exclusive piece today, written by Jessica specifically for the blog tour. This is a letter that the character of Jake has written to his wife, Nessa, and makes for a beautiful read whether or not you've read the book. I can't recommend the book highly enough, and my review will be coming later this afternoon.

Thanks so much to Jessica and her publishers for inviting me to be on the blog tour!

"A letter from Jake to Nessa

Dear Nessa,

I want you to know that I didn't want to leave you and Poppy, alone to struggle in life.

I know you’re still angry with me. So many calls unanswered, and letters that I can only hope you've received and read, but have decided not to reply because you just need some time to get your head around this.

That’s fine, I understand, please take the time you need. But know that this isn’t because I don’t love you both more than anything in the world. It’s not because I don’t want to be around you, or because I'm running away from anything in my life…

Dad’s unwell and it’s horrendous. There’s no getting away from how painful it all is. Arguably, it’s a bad time for me to be starting a career in the army where I will be away a lot. But what good will it do for me to be back in south London in a job I hate, just about managing to spend time with him, and hoping that it will get better? 

It won’t get better, and there’s never a good time for so many things in life. The dad I know – well, the dad I knew – he would have encouraged me to pursue the career I wanted. He would have been proud of me.

What about when Poppy came along? 

That was a shock and it sure as hell wasn't the right time. We were just kids, still in our teens. I remember you standing there in our kitchen, with tears in your eyes, asking me how we’d cope.

Nessa, honestly, I didn't know how we’d cope either. I took you in my arms, and told you it would be fine. Truthfully I wasn't sure if we could keep our heads above water, but we did didn't we? You and me. I'm so proud of that, of us.

And we will get through this too, Ness. My wages are higher, all right it’s not much but at least I can finally provide for you guys to some extent now. I have leave, I will come back regularly, and this won’t be forever – maybe another five years or so?  

Please, just let me have this experience... Let me follow my dreams and throw myself wholeheartedly into this incredible job, (the only thing I've ever been good at!) knowing that I have your love and support behind me…

My love is with you, every day, even though I can’t be by your side.

I think of you all the time.


Jake "

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