21 July 2014

Book News: Pieces of You by Ella Harper

This September sees another new book I am really excited for. It's a release by Ella Harper called Pieces of You, her first book with publishers Avon, but it's not her first foray into the world of writing. Ella is a pseudonym of author Sasha Wagstaff, whose previous novels I have loved, but this sounds like a real departure from her previous writing. It's out on September 25th, and sounds fantastic.

You can pre-order Pieces of You as a paperback or an eBook now.

"The perfect marriage.

A devastating secret. 

An impossible choice.

Lucy was always sure of one thing – her future with husband and soulmate Luke. But after eight long, heartbreaking years trying to have a baby, that future is starting to crumble before her eyes.

When a terrible accident puts Luke into a coma, Lucy is forced to reassess everything she thought she wanted.

Then Stella arrives. A woman Lucy’s never met, but with a secret that will change her world forever…"

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