11 July 2014

Blog Tour: Author Interview with Lindsey Kelk

Today I am delighted to be the blog tour stop for Lindsey Kelk's blog tour for her brand new book What A Girl Wants! I have so excited to read this book for a year, and I was thrilled when Lindsey answered some of my questions for the blog tour! I hope you enjoy, and I cannot wait to get stuck into the book!

You can pre-order What A Girl Wants as a paperback or an eBook now.

Take it away, Lindsey!

1. Tess is back, hurrah! Did you worry that she wouldn't be as well received as the beloved Angela from your previous series when you began writing her?

Absolutely! I was so keen to tell another story and see life from someone else’s perspective but I was fully aware that there were a lot of people out there who had no interest in that whatsoever. It’s strange because I love writing about Angie and the gang but in a way, they are limiting. They’ve got their whole universe and history hanging around their necks and as a storyteller, sometimes you just want to start off with something completely new, even if you know some people won’t love it as much.

2. You brought back Angela and co in 'I Heart Christmas' last year - is that the last we'll see of her and aren't you quite done with her just yet?! 

I’m not done quite yet! It’s strange, every time I think I am, a new story starts tapping away at my brain. I’m writing a Jenny Lopez Christmas story and obviously, Angela pops up in there…. She’ll definitely be back sooner rather than later.

3. Your new cover is GORGEOUS - how much say do you get in terms of your designs? I think you have some of the best covers out there to be honest, how lucky!

Isn’t it lovely? For the most part, I have incredibly little to do with the covers – I can take literally no credit. The design team at HC is amazing. At best, I’ll tell them whether or not something works with the story, for example, the original cover for The Single Girl’s To-Do List had a speedboat on it and we had to change that because there’s no speedboat in the book. Other than that, I might get to take a look at a couple of options of colours or poses but that’s it. In he early days, I didn’t even get that! I’m such a diva now…

4. What are your guilty pleasures in terms of TV, movies and treats?

I think everyone knows how much I love WWE and Law & Order: SVU, honestly, I have such an unhealthy addiction to both. I was just on holiday in Maui and had to watch the main event of the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match on my phone! I was in bloody Hawaii at four pm in the afternoon, with a very lovely man I might add, and I was in bed watching wrestling. It’s a sickness. Movie-wise, I’ll watch anything, I’m a media sponge, and as for treats, for the most part I’ve got a real sweet tooth – gummy candy, chocolate, ice cream, yum but sometimes, all I want is a massive hunk of cheese and some French bread and I will be happy for hours.

5. What was your favourite childhood book and why?

I had so many it’s always so hard to choose a favourite but the oldest one I have with me in New York is a hardcover picture book called Setting Up Home at Willow Tree Cottage and it’s about these three animals that move in together (don’t ask) only the goose has to do all the work like a martyr while the other two keep sodding off to enjoy themselves. There’s definitely a lesson in their somewhere but since I live alone and already have to do everything for myself, I’m not sure what it is.

6. I've seen on Twitter and Instagram you've spent lots of time travelling around the USA. Do you have a favourite place (you can't pick NYC!), and where would you like to go that you haven't yet visited? 

Oh, it’s SO HARD. I bloody love America. I went to Portland a couple of weeks ago and that was really lovely and I do love LA these days. Hawaii is probably my favourite place I’ve ever visited in the whole world though and that is a US state! I’m getting old, I need the sun. That said, the next place on my to-visit list is Alaska and I’ve a feeling I won’t be getting a tan up there…

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