21 January 2014

Book News: The Runaways by Alison Lucy

I have read several of Alison Lucy's books, so I was thrilled to see she is now releasing a new novel, The Runaways! I love the cover, it's very striking and the idea of the book is brilliant too. It's out on 5th June, so sounds perfect for a summer read.

You can pre-order The Runaways as a paperback or an eBook now.

"It should be the perfect wedding... A blushing bride, an American hero. Rachel has the happy ending she always wanted. So what's holding her back from saying 'I do'?

Rachel ran away once before, just after her father died. This time she's washed up in sunny California and she's blissfully in love. But before she can marry Judd, there's a chapter of her past that she needs to resolve. A chapter that goes by the name of Seth.

Janey, Rachel's godmother, is a successful New York high-flyer but being single in her mid-thirties is starting to make her feel like a failure. When her goddaughter asks her to find an old friend called Seth and make sure he comes to her California wedding, she agrees to help her out.

Can a road trip with a stranger help steer Janey in the path to love? And will Rachel realise that when it comes to escape plans, is getting married ever a good idea?"

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