20 January 2014

Book News: If You're Not the One by Jemma Forte

Jemma Forte is back this year with a new paperback, If You're Not the One. I have read and really enjoyed both of Jemma's previous novels, and now she is with new publishers Mira, I'm excited to read her latest book. It's out in paperback on 7th February, and I can't wait to read it.

You can buy If You're Not the One as an eBook now, or pre-order the paperback.

"Jennifer Wright is full of 'what if' questions.

If she'd stayed with unconventional, carefree Aidan, would she be enjoying life in sun-kissed Australia?

Should she have married fabulously wealthy, workaholic Tim?

Could she have found happiness after all with kind, gentle Steve?

Jennifer’s about to find out. After a terrible row with her husband, she runs out of the house and straight into the path of a car. Whilst in a coma she’s given the gift of seeing exactly how each choice she's made has dramatically altered her life.

But maybe those answers leave her with even more life-changing decisions to make…"

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