25 November 2013

Book News: The Winter Folly by Lulu Taylor

I have to say I did miss a Lulu Taylor novel this year, but I am pleased to say she is back shortly with a brand new novel, The Winter Folly! I am really in love with the cover, and the story sounds very different to previous stories Lulu has written before. It's out as an eBook on 4th December, but for those of us waiting for the paperback, we have to wait until the new year on 2nd January for that! I can't wait to read it, as I'm sure Lulu won't disappoint.

You can pre-order The Winter Folly as an eBook (4/12/13) or as a paperback (2/1/14) now.

"In this house there are many secrets… It is 1960 and young Alexandra Crewe is obedient enough to marry the man her father has selected for her, but both she and her husband Laurence quickly realise that their marriage is a disaster. When real love comes to her, plucking her out of her old life and into a wonderful new existence, she is powerless to resist. Her home is now a beautiful Dorset castle, but there has been a price to pay and she fears that her punishment will one day be due. When tragedy strikes, it seems that it has come, and there is only one way she can atone for her sins… In the present day, Delilah Young is the second wife of John Stirling and the new chatelaine of Fort Stirling. The house is a sad one and Delilah hopes to fill it with life and happiness. But when she attempts to heal the wounds in John’s life, it seems that the forces of the past might be too strong for her. Why does John have such a hatred for the old folly on the hill, and what happened to his mother when she vanished from his life? As she searches for the truth, Delilah realises that perhaps some secrets are better left buried . . ."

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