22 November 2013

Blog Tour: A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston

Today I am pleased to be part of Holly Kingston's blog tour for her new festive themed novel, A Cinderella Christmas! Holly has been published through Novelicious books, and it's all set on my Kindle app just waiting to be read and I can't wait, I have heard such good things about it! Holly was kind enough to write me a great piece, in fact a song, based on her novel, I wish I could hear this being sung, it's fab! :) Enjoy, and let me know if you've read the book!

You can buy A Cinderella Christmas as an eBook now!

By Holly Kingston

In homage to Harry, the director of Cinderella, who’s a big fan of writing his own “interesting” lyrics. I’ve come up with the official A Cinderella Christmas song. Hopefully this will be number one in the music charts by Christmas day. I’m officially laying down the musical gauntlet. Beat this, Simon Cowell!

It probably helps to sing this after a few glasses of mulled wine, whilst swaying from side to side, next to a roaring fire, with your fingers in your ears.

To be sung, preferably out of tune, to the melody of Cliff Richard's - Mistletoe And Wine.
I have called my version, imaginatively – Panto And Wine. Hope you enjoy it!

PANTO AND WINE by Holly Kingston

Panto time, Charmaine's drinking wine,
And her singing is a crime,
With fake boobs aplenty, and filler galore,
She will look stunning forever and more.

Chorus time, Ryan's looking fine,
He's got cheekbones chiselled and divine,
With fake tan aplenty, and muscles galore
You'll buy his bio his posters and more.

Lucy time, heroine of mine,
Poor girl's working overtime,
With dogs that need walking, and more booze to buy.
She's in a cow suit that frightens the eye.

Lenin time, for Lucy he'll pine,
Cos she spoils him all the time,
With bad naughty chocolate, and costumes galore,
He'll be the main dawg of Panto for sure.

Ending time, Is Lucy fine?
Can she escape the chorus line?
She needs to be stronger, to save her career
And find a good fella to finish her year.

Thanks for singing!

PS This was nearly an audio blog. But no one needs to hear my tonal issues. I’d make Charmaine sound like Whitney Houston. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

A Cinderella Christmas, by Holly Kingston, is available to buy on Amazon now. To celebrate, Novelicious is hosting 12 Days of Christmas giveaways with prizes including a Kobo Glo eReader, a festive weekend for two in Edinburgh and luxury food hampers galore!

Thank you so much, Holly!

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