26 July 2013

Book News: The Reunion by Amy Silver

Amy Silver's previous two books have been wonderful, seasonal reads, but it seems like we are in for a bit of a change with her new book, The Reunion. The cover is quite striking, I really actually like the look of it, and the story sounds very intriguing to me too. It's due out on 12th September, and I'm very excited to read it.

You can pre-order The Reunion as a paperback or an eBook now.

"They thought they'd be friends forever.

Jen, Andrew, Lilah, Natalie and Dan were inseparable at university, but in the seventeen years since they left they have hardly seen each other. Until Jen invites them all to stay at her house in the French Alps. The house where they once spent a golden summer before tragedy tore them apart.

When a snowstorm descends, they find themselves trapped and forced to confront their unresolved issues, frustrated passions and broken friendships. And as relationships shift and marriages flounder, the truth about what really happened years before is slowly revealed. And Jen realises that perhaps some wounds can never be healed..."

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