9 July 2013

Blog Tour: Author Interview with Lindsey Kelk - About A Girl Blog Tour!

Today I am delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors to my site... Lindsey Kelk! Lindsey's amazing new book 'About A Girl' is out now, and it's an absolute must-read for the summer, I loved every page of it. Lindsey was kind enough to answer lots of my questions, so here it is! My hugest thanks go to Lindsey for taking the time to answer them!

Q1. Please tell me about your new book 'About A Girl'.

Well, not to state the obvious but it’s about a girl called Tess who thinks she’s got her entire life planned out, thinks she knows exactly what she’s doing and exactly what she wants – a top job at an ad agency, her own flat and the love of her life, Charlie. So when her life is pulled right out from underneath her, she decides to try on someone else’s instead, unfortunately, that someone is her nightmare flatmate. Before she even knows what’s happening, Tess’ London life is far behind her and she’s pretending to be a fashion photographer in Hawaii, fighting off the advances of an irritating journalist and knocking back cocktails with her NBF, Kekipi. But real life has to catch up with her eventually and then what will she do?

I think it’s a fun, funny book that really addresses what we do in life when the thing we thought we wanted turns out to be not be the thing we needed. Or something. I think.

Q2. 'About A Girl' is the first in a new book series for you - what is it about writing series' that you enjoy so much? How many books are there in the new series?!

At the moment I’m planning three books in this series but I was only planning five books for Angela and now it feels like her story will never end! It’s always fun to write characters you know because they more or less write themselves but as a writer, it’s refreshing to create new people and develop their personalities, their relationships and have no idea where they’re going to go. It’s genuinely such an adventure, you never really know what someone’s going to do until they do it.

Q3. Tess is a great lead character for the new book - were you conscious of making sure she wasn't too much like Angela, and making her own person??

For the first few chapters it really was weighing on my mind but after a while, it got easier. Tess felt pretty real from the off. I think because she’s a lot more like me than I’d really like to admit…

Q4. Recently you wrote the last book (for a while) in your 'I Heart...' series (although Angela's now back in 'I Heart Christmas', hurrah!). Before you knew that was happening, how did it feel to write the ending to those characters are 5 books? How has it been to rejoin Angela and Alex again?

Before I started writing I Heart London, I was so done with everyone in that I just wanted it done. I felt exhausted, like I had nothing left for them to say or do but really, I think it was me who was tired and not them. As soon as I got to the end of the book, I was devastated and couldn’t deal with the thought of never seeing them again but I didn’t want to flog a dead horse. It didn’t seem like it would be fair on the story that had gone before. Then, when I was working on About A Girl, I suddenly knew what Angela’s next story was and then I couldn’t wait to start writing them again! It’s been fun to catch up with everyone but it was difficult to get back into the swing of writing people and a city that I know so well when I’d just had the adventure of everyone in About A Girl and exploring Hawaii… Happily, I do heart Christmas so that helped!

Q5. Thanks to Twitter, we can all see that you travel around a lot, especially around America. Where have been your favourite places to visit so far, and where is still on your wish list?

The thing is, I keep collecting people in specific places and then all my spare time is spent going back there to visit. Not that I’m complaining! Hawaii was definitely my favourite place EVER. I really didn’t think it would be as I’m not much of a beach person, generally speaking but wow, it was so beautiful and so relaxing and I just want to be there ALL THE TIME. There aren’t many places I haven’t absolutely loved, Austin is great, DC was so interesting and every time I come to LA I think I never want to leave. Next cities on my US wish list are Portland, San Francisco and New Orleans but I really want to go back to Hawaii and I really, really want to visit Alaska but it’s so far away. In September, I’m off to Italy and I can’t wait. I’ve only ever been to Milan for work so I’m super giddy about this trip. And it might be research for my next book.

Q6. You've lived in NYC a while now - what are you some of your best discoveries from living over the pond... any new foods or products we gotta get over here?!

Honestly, there isn’t much you can’t get everywhere these days – I am obsessed with Sour Patch Kids but they’re in the UK now, thank god. You were being deprived! My favourite US treats are buffalo wings and blue cheese dressing and the amazing Mexican food that you can get everywhere here. Happily for the size of my bum, the chocolate is terrible over here so it’s easy to keep my sweet tooth under control although, if you do come over, make sure you go to a Trader Joe’s supermarket and just buy everything. I’m serious, EVERYTHING. The chocolate covered crisps sound disgusting but they are delicious. Honest.

Q7. Have you read anything lately that you've thought - wow, I wish I'd written that?

Everything I read! I just finished Bright Lights, Big City which I can’t believe I’d never read and loved it and I loved The Selection and The Elite by Kiera Cass. I haven’t been reading any chick lit at all this year because I’m writing all the time and I can’t read my genre when I’m writing. I know, I’m mad. Looking forward to enjoying some of my friend’s books on my time off though.

Q9. We haven't yet seen a cover for I Heart Christmas - have you seen any early designs for it? Will you be coming back to the UK again for the launch of it?

I’ve seen a first sketch and it’s LOVELY. Can’t wait to see the final thing – I’m hoping for lots of glitter – and yes, I should be back! I have to pop back near Christmas anyway to stock up on advent calendars. They don’t have them in the states and it’s a CRIME.

Q9. Can't have a Q&A without a WWE question lol - you went to WrestleMania recently - was it everything you wanted to be, and what is your dream match to see??

Of course! The actual card for Mania was a bit rubbish and the matches weren’t brilliant but the spectacle of it, the size, the pyrotechnics and everything are amazing. I definitely want to go back again. I actually don’t know what my dream match would be… maybe Edge, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in a fatal fourway no DQ match? That would be FUN.

Q10. When I tell people I'm a WWE fan, they're always surprised, tell me it's fake and ask me what on earth I like about it. Why do you think people are quick to mock our love of it, and what do you say to those who don't understand why we like it so much?!

I think most people just think of it as a kids’ thing because they watched it as kids. I try not to be offended, I do understand their position but I just love it. Yes, the storylines are pre-written but a lot of people don’t appreciate the athleticism of the wrestlers, the training, the injuries and the crazy demands of the lifestyle. They’re on the road 200 nights out of the year, that’s not easy. Great wrestling is so much fun to watch, just like any sport. So it’s hot guys, sport plus soap opera – what’s not to love?

Q10. What's next for Lindsey Kelk?? :)

Right now? A shower. And then the beach because it’s my last day in LA before I fly back to London for the About A Girl launch. And then I’ve got to do the final rewrites on I Heart Christmas and then it’s right into the sequel to About A Girl! I think I get another day off some time in March 2014…


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