12 May 2013

News: Sunlounger website goes live!

This is one release for 2013 I am really, really excited for!! Sunlounger, which is a compilation of short stories by over 30 of our favourite chick lit authors, is due out this summer, and the website has finally gone live today, and it's amazing!

On it, you can find out all about the authors taking part and the stories they will be featuring in the book, some fabulous vintage makeovers starring authors such as Lucy Robinson, Michele Gorman and Anna-Lou Weatherly, or even see the destinations featured in the book - very handy!

Go and take a look at the Va-Va-Vacation.com website now, it's amazing!

The Sunlounger anthology is due out on July 1st.... hurry up!!

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for the release of this anthology! Amazing and wonderful authors who are contributing.