7 May 2013

Book News: The No-Kids Club by Talli Roland

Author Talli Roland is back this year with another new novel, and it sounds great! I have to say that I love Talli's covers as well, they are always so colourful and fun looking, I'll certainly be looking out for this one! The No-Kids Club is due out in the Autumn.

"Almost-forty Clare Donahue is living child-free and loving it – except for her shrinking social circle. One by one, the yummy-mummy pack has swallowed up formerly fun friends. When Clare loses her best mate to the non-stop circle of play dates and baby groups, she decides enough is enough: it’s time for women who don’t want children to form a social network of their own. The No-Kids Club is born. 

After recruiting Anna, whose husband hates babies, and Poppy, desperate for a family but unable to conceive, Clare’s determined to make the most of the childless life with her new friends. But when her surprise pregnancy threatens not only the growing club but also her carefully constructed world, Clare must come face to face with the idea that scares her most: a baby."

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  1. This sounds fab!! Wish I could wishlist it already, silly old Amazon. :)