17 April 2012

Book News: Whatever It Takes by Adele Parks

I've found Adele Parks' recent novels to be riveting reads, and therefore I'm really looking forward to her latest release Whatever It Takes. It's due out on 21st June, and I quite like the cover, although it's a tad generic and doesn't tell me a lot about what's inside! The synopsis sounds great though, and I'll certainly be reading it.

"Eloise Hamilton is a Londoner born and bred, so it is a momentous day when she reluctantly agrees to uproot to Dartmouth, leaving behind her perfect world so her husband can finally live in his. There are compensations, however. Her mother-in-law Margaret will welcome her with open arms, and besides, she can still rely on best friend Sara to be her lifeline to London.

Yet, both Margaret and Sara are facing their own difficulties, and thrust into unexpected turmoil, Eloise finds she is the one holding everything together for her loved ones - and by an ever-weakening thread. As her world implodes with the strain of being responsible for all around her, someone is bound to be overlooked. And the damage might be irreparable..."

You can pre-order Whatever It Takes as a hardback or a paperback now.

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