12 April 2012

Book News: In The Name of Love by Katie Price

Katie Price is back this summer with her latest novel In The Name of Love. It's out on June 21st and while it's not one that I will be reading, I do like the summery looking cover a bit! Here's the synopsis:

""Despite her humble background, Charlie Spencer has made it to the coveted role of sports presenter. But the glamour wears off when her footballer boyfriend cheats on her in a most humiliatingly public way. Licking her wounds in Barbados, Charlie meets the irresistibly gorgeous Javier. Instantly attracted to each other, they begin a passionate love affair - but when he discovers she's a journalist he walks out with no explanation. It is only then that Charlie finds out that Javier is related to the Spanish royal family and is the lynchpin of the Spanish showjumping team. Once again, Charlie is heartbroken. Until Javier, realising he was wrong about her, comes back into her life. But not everyone is happy to see them together. Javier's parents are horrified at the idea of him marrying a nobody from Manchester. And someone at work is waging a hate campaign against her, threatening to expose all her family secrets. As the pressure mounts for both of them, Charlie must ask herself, will their love survive?"

You can pre-order In The Name of Love 


  1. If this was written by anybody but Katie Price I may have given it a read.. Some people you just can't help but be judgmental over.

  2. She didnt write them Rebecca Farnworth ghost writes them for her..