3 October 2011

Book Review: Debrett's: A Modern Royal Marriage

Debrett's: A Modern Royal Marriage offers an exclusive perspective on the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This beautiful book celebrates and commemorates their relationship, from their first dates right up to the marriage ceremony and honeymoon, and is sumptuously illustrated with gorgeous photographs and filled with quirky facts about the royal couple. The Debrett's experts also provide an insight into the royals themselves, with a biography of both William and Kate, the Royal Family tree and the genealogy of the Middleton family. There is a section devoted entirely to the wedding ceremony, with details of The Dress, bridesmaids, flowers, music and Westminster Abbey, and the role the iconic building has played in Royal Weddings through the ages. Debrett's: A Modern Royal Marriage is a unique book and the perfect Royal Wedding companion. 

I'm a bit of a big fan of the Royal Wedding between Catherine Middleton and Prince William that happened earlier this year, and we held a Royal Wedding week on the site that I really enjoyed. Because of this week, I was offered the chance by Simon & Schuster to review their new Royal Wedding title, a gorgeous hardback memorabilia book all about the "Modern Royal Marriage", but that also takes a look back at Royal Weddings of the past too. I was really impressed when it turned up, it's a gorgeous purple hardback with just a few choice images on the front, and it does look rather posh and impressive I have to say.

The contents of the book are really good I have to say. As well as thoroughly covering Kate and William's wedding, the book does a really good job of going into the history of Royal Weddings, and I actually found this bit really fascinating. There's some gorgeous pictures of older Royal weddings, including Charles and Diana's, Andrew and Fergie's, and many more. It has images of previous dresses, traditions and any information you'd ever want to know about royal weddings of yester-year. There is plenty of reading to be had as well, this perfectly accompanies the pictures and is very well written.

The coverage of April 2011's Royal Wedding is superb. There is a small section on both the Bride and Groom, with a few pictures from their childhoods, and a fair bit of information about the pair, although you're bound to have read it in some sort of magazine or newspaper around the time of the event. When it moves onto the wedding, we see things about the preparation, that dress, the guests and of course the ceremony itself. The pictures are simply stunning, printed in full colour and are placed all over the pages, allowing the book to showcase plenty of images. There are a lot of pictures of the Duke and Duchess throughout, and Kate looks especially beautiful in her gorgeous wedding dress, and the pictures are a joy to look at.

If you're a fan of the Royal's in any way, or even if you just liked the Royal Wedding of Kate and William, then this is a lovely keepsake book and would definitely make a great Christmas gift for anyone who did love it. The images used throughout are beautiful, and you can tell so much research has gone into producing the book, from the historical Royal Weddings, and to the intricate family trees shown at the beginning of the book. It's a sumptuous book which feels and looks very high quality, and I'd definitely recommend it, without a doubt. Beautiful pictures, interesting articles and a fairytale romance... what more could you want?!

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