30 October 2011

Book Deal: Lynda Bellingham signed by Simon&Schuster

"Actress and “Loose Women” co-presenter Lynda Bellingham has signed a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster to write commercial women's fiction.

Publishing director Suzanne Baboneau signed the deal with Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown for UK and Commonwealth rights. The first book, as yet untitled, is due to be published in spring 2013, with the second to follow a year later. Her début is described as a multi-generational family saga with a “tightly woven web of secrets and lies”. Bellingham is not working with a co-author.

Baboneau said: “A five-decade search for a woman's true identity and her battle for acceptance within her own family, this will be a plot and character-driven story conceived with true heart and commitment. The written word comes to Lynda so naturally and instinctively; it is a joy to see, and she will be a joy to work with"
Lynda is actually one of the only women on the TV show "Loose Women" that I can actually stand, so I'm quite pleased that it is her who will be writing fiction! It's interesting too that she won't be using a co-author, so Bellingham must be quite good at writing to not need any help. I'll definitely be looking out for her books, will you?

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