31 May 2017

Book Review: Destination Chile by Katy Colins

"Welcome to Paradise...

Georgia has just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime! She'll be starring in a TV adventure travel show that will put her and Ben's business well and truly on the map.

But Georgia's not quite sure their relationship is ready to be put under the microscope - because even though they survived their first argument the discovery of a sparkling engagement ring in Ben's suitcase has put Georgia's head in a spin! Are they really ready for marriage? And more importantly, after all the heartbreak, is she?

This journey is sure to be an adventure like no other. Against the backdrop of rugged and wild Chile, Ben and Georgia must decide if their love is worth fight for... "

Rating: 4/5

The final part of Katy Colins' Lonely Hearts Travel Club series was released later last year, and was entitled Destination: Chile. It features the same characters we have seen in the previous two books, Georgia and her boyfriend Ben, but this time we see them going to Chile on a new adventure. I love travel based books, particularly ones of destinations I haven't yet explored myself, and as I haven't read anything based in Chile before, I eagerly got stuck into this one, excited to explore a new country through the medium of books!

Georgia and Ben are coming up against a few hurdles in their relationship, and the running of their travel agency. However, Georgia is sure the pair can make things work, and sets them up on their next holiday, but one with a twist. They're competing against a few other couples as part of a TV show, which is taking part in Chile. When Georgia discovers a beautiful ring stuffed in the back of Ben's drawer, she's sure he is going to pop the question on holiday. But as the holiday progresses, and Georgia is finding it harder than she thought, are the pair truly heading for marital bliss, or more woe?

This book felt quite different to Katy's previous books, perhaps because of the added television show element, or the lack of happiness between the main couple, but I found it very compulsive reading! I was desperate to find out what was going to happen, and whether Ben and Georgia would win the competition, and even stay together against the odds! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed Katy's writing, she brought the couple to life so well on the page, they were very believable together, and the odd tiff felt real because we all have the odd drama in her relationships.

I enjoyed the competition element of the book very much, and certainly had me laughing out loud in several places, and cringing in a few as well! The banter between all of the contestants was so much fun to read, as well as the challenges they all take part in. I certainly wouldn't have been as brave as Georgia was, and would have put my foot down to a few and said no! The challenges certainly lightened the atmosphere of the book, in between Georgia wondering when Ben was going to propose, and the small tiffs that the pair had, and I honestly really did laugh out loud a lot.

Luckily, although this seems to be the last in the 'Lonely Hearts Travel Club' series, it seems our heroine Georgia is back again in Katy's brand new book, Chasing the Sun which is out now, and sat on my Kindle waiting to be read! I really love getting stuck into a book where I feel like I know the characters, and this is definitely how I feel when I pick up Katy's books, I can't wait to find out what Georgia is going to get up to next.  Katy's books are perfect for people like me, armchair tourists, because she really brings her destinations to life with her writing, and you can perfectly imagine the settings. Chile, in this book, sounds wonderful, and I can see why Georgia was so keen to get there, it sounds wonderful. A brilliant book to sit and enjoy this summer, Katy Colins is quickly becoming a must-read author for me!

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