26 September 2016

Blog Tour: Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson

Today I am really thrilled to be part of the blog tour for the eBook release of Debbie Johnson's brand new festive treat, Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe! This book is the sequel to her previous book Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe, a title I loved, so I am really looking forward to getting stuck into this one when I begin my Christmas reads for 2016.

My post today is all about my favourite comfort foods at Christmas... and there's quite a few choices (unfortunately for my waistline!). So leave a comment and let me know what your favourite comfort foods are below!

1. Hot Chocolate
Nothing beats a yummy hot chocolate on a cold winter evening, with the Christmas tree lit up beautifully in the corner of your living room! My son and I love to put a bit of squirty cream with chocolate dusted over the top as a treat too, yum yum!

2. Sausage rolls
There is, however, a bit of a stipulation with this one... they have to be homemade! I remember baking them with my mum and my brother when I was young, and now I love to do the same with my son. Now he's older, he does more jobs that he used to, and I love his pride when he takes them out of the oven, all golden brown and smelling utterly delicious. This is actually making me want to go and start baking right now!

3. A tin of Quality Street
For my house growing up, we always had 1 tin of Quality Street at Christmas, and I loved it! It was always a special treat when we were little being allowed to dip into the tin and pick our favourites (always the Strawberry Creme!), with the lesser liked ones left unloved in the tin long after Christmas had passed (I'm looking at you, coconut and toffee penny!). I have stepped over to the dark side and tried both Celebrations and Roses, but for me it isn't Christmas without that iconic purple tin!

4. Tree Chocolates
Oh yes. You know the ones I'm talking about! Every year, I buy 2 packets - one of the caramel bells (has to be Cadbury's I'm afraid, I'm a bit of a chocolate snob!), and one of the milk chocolate square parcels, and hang them on the tree when my son has gone to bed. I love it when he finds one and asks if he can treat himself, there's usually a sneaky one to be found when we're putting the tree down too for an extra surprise!

5. Christmas Dinner
No Christmas comfort food list would be complete without the inclusion of Christmas dinner! It's a dinner I really enjoy, but I wouldn't say it is my absolute favourite meal. However, I love the tradition of it, and always look forward to sitting with family and enjoying it. There's always lots of choice, since everyone likes different things but that's part of the fun! Seeing the table beautifully decorated with gorgeous food on just before everyone tucks in is one of my favourite parts of Christmas Day, hands down!

And yes... I've noticed the traditional mince pies and Christmas pudding aren't on here and that's simply because... I don't like them! Never have, never will, and you won't change my mind! Believe me... many people have tried over the years but I won't be having it! Let me know your Christmas comfort food faves below :)

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  1. Lovely post although it has made me very hungry!!