29 October 2015

Blog Tour Book Review: Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan

"Skylar Tempest has never understood Alec Hunter’s appeal. So what if he’s a world-renowned historian? He’s also cynical, aloof and determined to think the worst of her. So when a twist of fate finds her spending the lead-up to Christmas with Alec and his family, she’s not expecting the season to be either merry or bright.

Alec has learned the hard way not to trust beautiful women—and Skylar is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But as he watches her throw herself into his family’s festive chaos, Alec realises there is far more to this blonde bombshell than meets the eye.

With Christmas around the corner, Alec and Skylar return to Puffin Island, a tentative bond forged between them. Neither intends to fall in love but as the nights become darker, and the fire between them grows hotter, could this be the chance for Alec and Skylar to find their own happy ending?"

Rating: 5/5

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Once again, I have come to the end of another superb series by Sarah Morgan, and once again I have been left wanting more! After her brilliant Snow Crystal trilogy that was released mainly throughout 2014, we were treated to this new Puffin Island trilogy, comprising of First Time in Forever, Some Kind of Wonderful, and this, the final book Christmas Ever After. I was hopeful of this book being brilliant, but my god it surpassed even my high expectations - I loved everything about it and feel bereft that the series has ended and I have had to leave these fantastic characters behind!

Skylar is so excited to finally be hosting her own jewellery exhibition in London, showcasing some of her best work, especially with her boyfriend by her side. When a mutual friend, Alec, makes an appearance, Skylar isn't exactly happy to see him. However, when things in her personal life go dramatically wrong, Alec is the only one to step up and be there for Skylar. As the pair return to Puffin Island for the holiday season, will they be able to put their past differences aside and see their friendship for what it is, or what is could possibly be?

Each of the 3 books in this trilogy have focussed in on one of the women from the core friendship group, and this time it is finally the turn of Skylar. We have met her a few times over the past two books, and I always got a sense that her relationship with boyfriend Richard really troubled her best friends Brittany and Emily. It all comes to a head in this book, and I was pleased to see things finally get moving for Skylar. I disliked Richard from the moment I met him in this book, and I just couldn't understand what it was Skylar saw in him - he seemed a typical politician unfortunately!

I really loved the slowly developing relationship between Skylar and Alec. It's clear from the off that there is a bit of a spark between them, no matter how quick they are to deny it, but I loved how Morgan plays the two off for a while, making it clear that there is no romantic feeling whatsoever. I loved that Alec was a real gentleman, looking after Skylar when she needed someone the most, and not bailing out on his responsibilities when it got a bit too uncomfortable for him. The scenes at Alec's parents and their early festivities were my favourite in the book - it felt like a traditional British christmas, and I loved it!

Alec is definitely written as a hero of the book, and I liked how slowly Skylar came around to him, realising perhaps he wasn't as bad as she had originally thought of him. We also catch up with Brittany and Zach, who are now happily living together on Puffin Island, and Emily and Ryan too - I love how Morgan weaves all their stories together, it really did feel like I was reading about one big family, and I loved catching up with them again, happy to see that they were all still together and loving life on Puffin Island.

Although I had loved the previous two books, this was by far and away my favourite of the trilogy so far (I have probably said that about each of the books so far, sorry!). I just really liked Skylar - there was nothing dislikeable about her, and she was very real - glamourous when the occasion called for it but otherwise happy to don her wellies and waterproof coat for fun in the snow, you can see why Alec warmed to her so quickly! The sweet love story was all I needed in this book, and the setting of London, the Cotswolds and of course Puffin Island added to the perfection of the story. The festive feeling is there in abundance, just as I expect from Sarah Morgan, and it is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year so far! I cannot WAIT for whatever treat Sarah is going to bring us next, but for now I'm off to reread the Puffin Island trilogy once more - I'm not ready to leave Emily, Brittany and Skylar behind just yet! Perfection!

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