4 June 2015

eBook Review: Take A Chance on Me by Debbie Flint

"When the breakdown of her marriage leaves Sadie Turner a single mum, she vows that she will make it on her own. After all, why would a smart businesswoman with a PhD and the prospect of a life-changing deal on the horizon need a man?

But Sadie’s man-ban is tested to the limit when she travels to Monaco to meet her potential investor. There she encounters Mac, a rough and ready playboy billionaire who lives life in the fast lane – and that’s when the real adventure starts! 

But Sadie’s heart isn’t the only thing on the line. There’s also the business she’s worked so hard to make a success; the business that could so easily slip out of her grasp if she doesn’t seal the deal within thirty days … "

Rating: 4/5

You can buy Take A Chance on Me as a paperback or an eBook now.

I was browsing Netgalley one day, and saw that the publisher Choc Lit had finally joined, so decided to see what they had to offer. One title up for grabs was a novel by Debbie Flint, someone I know better as presenter on the shopping channel QVC. I didn't know she had written books, so after a brief flit to Amazon to see the general consensus on her books, it seemed positive so I just had to request it. I didn't realise at the time it was part of the 'Hot Choc Lit' range - books a little bit saucier than normal but not enough to be classified erotica. Either way, I began the story and thoroughly enjoyed it!

As the synopsis is at the top of the post, I won't bore you with another retelling. First of all, I want to mention that this has previously been published as an eBook under the title Hawaiian Affair, but has been edited and re-released by Choc Lit. This is the version I am therefore reviewing, and I can't comment on any differences between this and the original. I want to quickly mention the cover too - it's very striking, with the muted colours of the main picture contrasted with the bright red of the title streaked across the middle. It's very eye-catching and suits the book really well I feel. I'm glad publishers realise the importance of book covers for eBook too - it can mean the difference between me reading one or passing it by - I'm not ashamed to say I do judge books by covers!

The leading lady of this book is called Sadie Turner - she's a clever girl with a PhD, runs her own business, she's a single mum of 2 daughters, and has travelled a long way to get a new investment in her business - and only has one chance to get it right. I really liked Sadie straight away. She was very hard-working, determined not to be thrown off by the small odds of her actually getting the investment she needs. She's hot-headed, can hold her own in a boardroom full of men, but can't resist the handsome deck hand she meets on a boat called Mac. You could see why she fell for him straight away - he seemed handsome, happy and kind, it's not surprising she decided to have some fun while on holiday in Monaco!

Mac was indeed the perfect leading man for the story, but all was not as it seems! While Mac turned out to be someone quite different than what Sadie had originally thought, perhaps she wasn't as truthful as she might have thought too. I loved the relationship between the pair, from the beginning when they were chatting as friends on the dock, even to things hotting up between them as they get to know each other better. Some of these scenes really are steamy, but are very well written. It doesn't feel like it's being smutty or trying to get attention, it's simply part of the story and is quite fun to read! Debbie Flint does really well handling these scenes, and I thought it was a good reflection of her writing too that these scenes were enjoyable to read.

The book felt quite long as I was reading, but it didn't drag at all which was good. It moved from Monaco in the first part of the book, and eventually to the beautiful island of Hawaii, my dream holiday destination! Although most of the book is taken up with the business deal and things going on between Sadie and Mac, we do get to see a bit of the island and it sounds every bit as beautiful as I imagine it to! I enjoyed how it flitted between the professional business persona of Sadie, and the frustrated and besotted single mum who just wants to find some happiness with ease, there was always some drama and emotion in this book! I didn't get some of the science part of the book to do with the product Sadie was selling, but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the book, I sort of skimmed those parts without feeling like I was missing out too much!

It was a very enjoyable read from start to finish, had me involved the whole way through, and Debbie Flint's writing was fantastic - really drawing me into the story and making me want to keep reading from start to finish. I hope I'll be reading more from Debbie Flint - this was a great book!


  1. Fab review! Thanks for sharing, Chloe! :) xx

  2. Thanks Chloe, so kind! Glad you enjoyed it! If you get the chance to read the prequel Hawaiian Escape, let me know! X

  3. Love your review Chloe it has encouraged me to buy the paperback version I didn't realise this was a hot a steamy edition so I'm really looking forward to reading it plus the artwork on the front cover is very striking and grabs my attention I have read debbie's Hawaiian trilogy and enjoyed them so much and I was so very pleased when she got her publisher and look forward to more reading in the future