8 May 2015

Blog Tour Author Interview: Lindsey Kelk

Today, I am delighted to welcome the wonderful Lindsey Kelk to my blog for my stop on the blog tour for her brand new book Always the Bridesmaid! I absolutely cannot wait to read this book - I've never read anything by Lindsey that has disappointed me yet, and I know this one won't! Lindsey was kind enough to answer some of my questions, so enjoy and let me know what you think of the new book in the comments!

You can buy Always the Bridesmaid as a paperback or an eBook now!

1. Tell me all about your new book Always the Bridesmaid!
Despite the title, Always the Bridesmaid isn’t entirely a story about being a bridesmaid, it’s more a play on the phrase, about allowing yourself to be pushed into a bridesmaid position in your life. Maddie is so used to coming second – with her friends, her family, her career – that she doesn’t even realise there’s another way. This is the story of how that changes for her. I think that’s something everyone can identify with.

It feels so strange to say this now because ATB was such a difficult book to write due to what was happening in my life – I was planning a move across the country and then quite unexpectedly lost my mum, so things were a bit out of control for a moment. I really used my writing as a place to lose myself and find a happier place in the world. I’m really proud of it.

2. At the moment it's a stand-alone book, do you plan on bringing the characters back again for a new series?
I’m terrible at leaving people alone so who knows? I feel as though there are a lot more stories to tell, whether it’s more from Maddie or one of her friends. Or maybe they’ll pop up in one of my other series, I really don’t know!

3. You've written a few series now as well as the odd stand alone novel - which do you prefer writing? It must be nice to get fresh characters in your head every now and then and try something different?
I love both for different reasons. When I start something new, it’s refreshing and exciting to meet and develop new characters are storylines but then going back to Angela or Tess is like putting on a comfy pair of shoes – they almost write themselves now which is weird. With new characters, you’re building a whole world, developing a dozen new voices whereas with Angela and Tess and Jenny and Amy, I know what their houses look like, I know where they live, where they go, what they would say or do in any given situation. And I love checking in with them, it’s like they’re real.

4. How is life treating you? Enjoying living on the west coast of the USA?! New York, LA.. It all sounds so glamorous!
Ha! It does sound glamorous. In reality, my life is pretty much the same as anyone else’s – I get up, go to work, drive to the supermarket, do the washing, make tea and watch too much telly. The only difference is I’m the luckiest girl in the world because when I go to work, I get to write books and when I look out the window, the sun is always shining! Seriously though, I’ve been so busy since I moved, all my friends keep joking that I’ve actually got paler. No California tan for me. I try to get out and travel around as often I’m constantly on crazy deadlines. I’m very thankful that the beach is only forty minutes away…

5. Have you ever had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid?! If so, how was it?! 
I have! Once when I was little and I have many pictures to prove that I loved it so much, I refused to take the dress off for weeks, and twice as an adult. I actually had a great time, I was just so happy for my friends and they were model brides. No Bridezilla moments to report!

6. I have to ask - will we be seeing any more of Angela and co anytime soon?! I miss them all!
Of course you do! Angela will be back one day, I can’t say when or where but she’ll definitely be around sometime soonish. I miss them too!  

7. You are embarking on a book tour at the moment - do you enjoy meeting your readers? 
I do! Being entirely honest, while I love it, touring is very hard. I suffer from anxiety and every event is a bit like throwing yourself a surprise birthday party. You never know who’s going to come, how they’re going to be, what they’re going to say. I know it sounds stupid but I’m always worried I’ll be a massive disappointment and say the wrong thing but people have been invariably amazing. I’m sure I’ll take it in my stride one day but it’s still weird right now.

8. Finally - what's up next for you?! 
No rest for the wicked. Tess is coming back at Christmas in Girl’s Best Friend (actually, she’s back on Bonfire night!) so I’m working on that right now and then it’s straight onto next summer’s story. I’m also hoping to spend a bit more time traveling around the west coast and visiting some friends. The last twelve months have been crazy and some R&R would be very, very nice.

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