15 April 2014

Blog Tour: If I Could Turn Back Time by Nicola Doherty

Today, I am thrilled to be part of Nicola Doherty's blog tour for her brand new book If I Could Turn Back Time, thanks to Bookbridgr! Nicola was kind enough to write me a piece about if she could turn back time, and it makes for a great read!

Thanks to Frances, Bookbridgr and Nicola for letting me be a part of the blog tour.

You can buy If I Could Turn Back Time as a paperback or an eBook.

If I Could Turn Back Time …

1. I would not wear a short black dress from Oasis to a summery wedding in Cornwall where everyone else was wearing pastel flowery numbers. I thought it was very slinky but it looked awful and probably ruined all the photos I was in.

2. I would not buy, or wear, a mid-calf bottle-green corduroy skirt, which I wore for lots of my last year in college. I thought at the time that it was very Prada but I looked like Miss Geist from Clueless.

3. I would not get my eyebrows dyed by a very nervous (male) beautician off Oxford Street. He turned them black, I tried to trim them back to their original yellow and I ended up with tiger-striped eyebrows. Just as I was starting a new job. I had to get my photo taken for my work pass and so my stripy eyebrows followed me around for the whole 5 years I worked there.

4. Speaking of jobs: I would man up in my first job and not spend so much time crying in the loo because I couldn’t figure out the petty cash.

5. I would date with a handsome guy called Joe who I met at a party in Boston when I was twenty and working there for the summer. He was interested and I don’t know why I brushed him off. Not that I’m not very happy with my husband, but I would have had a boyfriend for the summer and, crucially, he could drive (which I couldn’t at the time).

6. I would not date an awful guy who kept calling me ‘Nicole’ and kept the change when he went to the bar with my tenner.

7. I would go with my friends to Vegas for New Year’s Eve and see The Killers in concert, which I didn’t do in 2005 because I was too broke.

There are also some more serious things – arguments with friends that I could have avoided, hassles at work that I should have seen coming. But aside from that? I can’t think of too much that I would really change. It’s not that everything I’ve done has worked out perfectly – far from it. But the things that go wrong end up making the best stories. They also lead you to where you are today. If I hadn’t dated awful men in my twenties, I might not be married to my husband now. If I had ‘got on the property’ ladder when I wanted to, and bought a flat right after the crash, then I might have stayed in my full-time job and not had time to start writing. Having said that, if I did find myself catapulted back six months in time like Zoe, I’d certainly make the best of it …

Thanks so much, Nicola!

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