13 March 2014

Book News: Two Weddings and a Baby by Scarlett Bailey

One of my favourite authors Scarlett Bailey is back, and this time with a summer novel! I've really enjoyed Scarlett's previous festive books so I'm sure this one will be just as good! The cover for this book, called Two Weddings and a Baby is so summery, and it sounds great too, I cannot wait to read it. It's due out on 19th June 2014.

You can pre-order Two Weddings and a Baby as a paperback or an eBook now.

"Tamsyn appears to have it all. A lush apartment in Paris, a job working at the best design agency and a hot boyfriend - albeit a secret one.

But after five years away she's back to her quiet hometown to celebrate her brother's wedding. Cue a flood, the discovery of a mystery newborn and the impossible task of rustling up a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses in only a few days.

And then there's Jed Edwards, the attractive priest, whom she can't help but keep running into. Suddenly Poldore is looking a lot more appealing than her glamourous life in Paris. But will she have enough faith to risk it all on someone she just met?"

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