24 February 2014

Book News: A Summer to Remember by Victoria Connelly

I've been looking lately at some of the books that are due out this summer, trying to make myself feel a bit cheerful in this chilly winter we are having! One such book I am looking forward to is Victoria Connelly's latest novel A Summer to Remember. It has the most gorgeous cover, bright and colourful, and the story sounds fantastic too! It's out on 5th June.

You can pre-order A Summer to Remember as a paperback or an eBook now.

"Nina Elliot is tired of her life. She’s not sure how it happened but, somewhere along the way, she lost track of where it was all going.

So one fateful day, she makes a brave decision: she’s going to leave it all behind. Taking a job deep in the English countryside, Nina does just that. Ensconced at the Old Mill, she settles into daily life with the Milton family, where she works as a researcher for author Dudley.

With endless summer days stretching out ahead of her, Nina couldn’t be happier. But her quiet life is soon interrupted when the handsome Milton boys return home – for they plan to make sure this really is a summer to remember…"

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