11 January 2013

Book News: Love From Both Sides by Nick Spalding

Sometimes, there are eBooks which, thanks to their popularity and brilliance, get noticed by the big publishing houses and then end up being printed as paperbacks with a big name behind them. Nick Spalding's eBook Love From Both Sides is one such book, and publishers Hodder have gotten behind him, printing the story but apparently giving the readers a longer story too. I haven't read it yet, but the reviews on Amazon are making me seriously want to go and grab it now. It's out in paperback on January 31st.

You can buy Love From Both Sides as an eBook now or pre-order as a paperback.

"Sometimes, the hardest part of finding love is keeping a straight face...

For Jamie Newman, being a single guy isn't proving to be much fun, especially when confronted with a sexually belligerent divorcee and a goddess so far out of his league she might as well be a different species.

Mind you, being a girl in search of love isn't a bowl of cherries either. Just ask Laura McIntyre, who's recently contended with a horny estate agent on a quest for light relief and a rabid mountain bike enthusiast with a penchant for lycra that leaves little to the imagination.

When Jamie and Laura bump into one another (quite literally) it looks like their luck may have changed - but sometimes finding the right person is only the start of your problems..."

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