17 January 2012

Book News: Between A Mother And Her Child by Elizabeth Noble

I really love Elizabeth Noble's books, even though they more often than not make me cry due to the emotional tales she alwasy weaves! After a little bit of a break, Elizabeth is back next month with a brand new book, Between A Mother and Her Child. I can't wait to read this one, and it's out on 16th February so not long to wait! Here's the synopsis:

"For Maggie and Bill it was love at first sight . . .

One impulsive wedding later and with the arrival of three perfect children, Jake, Aly and Stan, the Barrett family seem to have it all. Until the day their world stops turning.

When Jake dies suddenly, they're swept away on a tide of grief that fractures Maggie and Bill's marriage. She and the children are left clinging to the wreckage of their family. And they need help, because in her grief Maggie is in danger of losing Aly and Stan too.

Enter Kate, housekeeper, companion and shoulder to cry on. She's here to pick up the pieces and fix what isn't completely broken. But can Maggie trust Kate? And why is Kate so keen to help?

When Bill falls for another woman, Maggie realizes she will have to fight to put her family back together - but will they still want her?"

You can pre-order Between A Mother and Her Child in paperback now. (link goes to Amazon.co.uk)

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