9 February 2011

Book Review: Love Is On The Air by Jane Moore

Cam Simpson's life is pretty steady. She's been in a good relationship with boyfriend Dean for 7 years, but they seem to have settled into a pattern of drudgery and boredom. He's happy to sit and watch the football or CSI for hours on end, but Cam is fed up - she doesn't want to be sat around waiting for him, she wants fun and excitement. She and her 2 best friends Ella and Saira take a girls-only holiday,and by chance bump into a couple of British guys, Tom and his mate Jake. Cam doesn't expect anything to come of it, but when she returns, she hears a radio message that turns her world upside-down. Suddenly, Cam begins to doubt everything about her life, but especially her relationship with Dean. But can she hurt the man who has been with her for 7 years? Which decision will Cam make, and will it be the right one?

I love Jane Moore's novels and have read everything that she has written so far, so I was pleased to find out Jane was back this year with a new book as it's been a couple of years since her last, Perfect Match. The cover of this jumped out at me immediately - it's lovely and bright and summery, certainly making a change from all of the wintery books we are seeing around at the moment, and it made me want to pick it up and devour it straight away. Jane's last book was a very serious one about a couple making a child to save the life of another, so it seemed like this book was going to be a lot more light-hearted, albeit still about a serious subject, so I sat down, eager to read more.

We meet our leading lady Cam when she is at work as a hairdresser, talking to her clients. I have to say I warmed to Cam straight away, she is quite a normal character that you could imagine yourself knowing. She feels somewhat trapped in her relationship with boyfriend Dean, having been with him a long time and now the pair are settled and not spontaneous, Cam can't help but wonder if there isn't more out there for her. Cam's relationship with her friends, Saira and Ella is important to her and we see this develop throughout the book, especially as the other ladies have their own stories going on through the book. The 3 women go on holiday and Cam ends up meeting a stranger, a man called Tom who she immediately strikes up a friendship with. This is the beginning of all sorts of problems for Cam, and where our book really picks up.

Straight away what I wondered about this book was whether it was going to be pretty standard chick lit style story-telling, girl meets boy, girl leaves boyfriend to be with boy, and all live happily ever after. Whilst I won't spoil the ending for you (obviously!), suffice to say it is slightly predictable but Moore tells the tale in such a way you just don't know throughout the book which way Cam is going to turn. It certainly makes you question what you would do if you were in Cam's situation, and perhaps it's a nod to the age-old "seven year itch", where people seem keen to dive out of relationships when things become a bit "dull" and predictable, and you're well and truly out of the honeymoon phase. It's perhaps very applicable these days, and I was curious to see who Moore would side with, and who I would actually end up siding with myself!

I had a bit of a problem with Cam's character though. Although she didn't really do anything overly bad throughout the book, there was still something about the way she dealt with Dean which felt a little bit off to me. I did feel sorry for Dean sometimes, even though he was a bit of a lazy pig, but felt Moore dealt quite evenly with both, giving them both their faults and making the reader in two minds about the situation. Ella's story was also an interesting one, Ella being a married man's mistress and seemingly happy as such. I really couldn't warm to her character because of this, yet the other friend in the book, Saira, was the complete opposite, happily married with a child. It's almost like Moore wanted to ensure all females were represented in the book, whether good or bad.

This book was an enjoyable read, and certainly makes you think of all the different relationships people have, and how people's decisions can change another person's life in a huge way as well. Cam has some huge decisions to make throughout the book, and it is interesting to read how she deals with the various situations that arise, and how her friends view her actions as well. The relationship between Cam and her mother was also a good side-story in the book, and certainly made me appreciate the good relationship I have with my own mother! Moore tries to cover many issues within the book, and I think she does them very well. I was always keen to pick this book up, and enjoyed the many ups and downs along the way, as questionable as some of them were! Recommended - it's not all light and fluffy like the cover may make you think!

Rating: 4/5

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