27 August 2010

Book Review: Bad Girls by Rebecca Chance

Model Amber Peters has a successful career, money and men at every turn. But she is hiding a secret addiction to drugs that threatens to ruin everything that she holds dear. Petal Gold is the daughter of a famous rock star, and pretty much lives off her last name being "Gold". Petal is enjoying living the high life in London but when some unsavoury pictures of her and her boyfriend end up in the papers, Petal's father sends her to rehab telling her if she doesn't go, she'll be cut off from him and his fortune. Skye Ellwood is a lap dancer who has bigger dreams for herself but has no idea how to get out of the situation she's stuck in. However, one of her clients offers her an opportunity that might just be too good to  miss. And finally, Hollywood heart-throb Joe Jeffreys has got everything perfect - his fiancĂ©e, his career is on the up and he's generally happy. But when he's caught at a strip club, Joe is keen to save his image and so heads to rehab for his sex addiction. But none of them plan on the events that happen when they enter  - should they have just said "No, No, No"?

When I was sent an early copy of Rebecca Chance's Bad Girls to review for the site, I was really thrilled because I had loved her debut novel Divas which came out last summer. The book was originally titled Drama Queens but after reading it, I think that 'Bad Girls' certainly suits it far better so I applaud whoever decided on the title change. I also love the cover, I think the white and silver really works well with the blue shoe being the stand out piece, and it is definitely a book I would pick off the shelf if I were looking for a good read. She is very much in the vein of a blockbuster type read, so if it that is what you like, I'd highly recommend giving Rebecca Chance a read. Anyway, back to the review!

The book starts off with Amber in a precarious situation, being held by a strange person and she's clearly been drugged. Then the book suddenly flies to another time when Amber was modelling and dating men, which I found really good. It kept me hanging as to what had happened, and it was a really good start to the book. The book then alternates between who the story follows, whether it's Amber, Joe, Petal or Skye and I really liked that because it kept the narrative fresh and me really interested. I thought the book would move to rehab quite quickly but it took around a third of the way until that happened, but I didn't mind at all.

It gives a good background to all the characters because of the alternative chapters and therefore I felt that I cared for them and was definitely interested enough to keep on reading. I liked how all of the characters had their different reasons for entering rehab because that gives a good slant to the story and certainly made that part of the book more interesting. I really loved Skye's character, she was fantastic because she had such a personality and was so likeable despite a few of the questionable things she did, but she was definitely my favourite of the bunch. Petal I probably disliked the most because of her spoilt brat attitude, and I also found Joe and Amber to be likeable enough too.

There was another interlude in the middle about Amber's mystery drugging that carried on the mystery element of the book which again had me thinking because of other things I had read. The book moves on really well, and there are lots of twists and turns along the way that keep you hooked on getting to the end and I really loved the pace of the book too. The narrative moves at a really good speed, enough to make you want to keep turning the pages but also enough to give you detail to make you care about the characters. Chance's writing is really easy to read, and makes reading the book a pleasure. Do be aware that there are some pretty graphic sex scenes in the book, a couple of them actually so if that isn't your thing  be warned!

I really enjoyed this book overall, and would definitely recommend it. If you like a blockbuster type read in the vein of Tilly Bagshawe, Sasha Wagstaff or Tara Hyland, I would definitely suggest reading this book, or Chance's debut Divas. I loved the characters, the story was exciting and I couldn't put it down until I'd turned the last page. This would make a great beach read, but I have enjoyed reading it in the cool autumnal evenings that have been setting in because it really is a book to lose yourself in! Recommended, and another great read from Rebecca Chance!

Rating: 5/5


  1. Great review, I've just finished this book and loved it. It's a great trashy read perfect for a lazy summer afternoon ;-)

  2. Got a chance to hear Rebecca Chance speak at the Brixton Library's Girls Night in Event (which I saw on this blog!) , she is HILARIOUS. I was going to start reading her stuff on the strength of that alone. I had no idea she has so many aliases and wrote all kinds of books.